Advantages of Synthetic Motor Oil!

Advantages of Synthetic Motor Oil!


Are premium synthetic motor oils worth the extra expense for your vehicle? The consensus—the general agreement among automotive experts—is that premium synthetic oils are superior lubricants. In this article, the synthetic oils discussed are specifically identified as premium synthetic oils because, like with every class of consumer product, there are varying levels of quality. Simply labeling an engine oil as “synthetic” is not a reliable indicator of quality, as the overall formulation of the oil is the most important factor in the quality and efficacy of the lubricant. A well-formulated conventional engine oil can outperform a poorly formulated “synthetic” engine oil. With that said, beginning the formulation of a motor oil with high quality synthetic base stocks does allow for a superior product compared to an equal quality level conventional motor oil.

Motor oils, and most lubricants in general, are composed of base oils and additives. Discussion of “synthetic” or “conventional” relates only to the base oils in the lubricant. Conventional base oils are made from crude oil/petroleum and occasionally re-refine used oil. Synthetic base oils are made from petroleum, hydrocarbon gases, and alcohols. Ultimately, all lubricant base oils are hydrocarbon molecules; the processes by which the synthetic base oils are made is what sets them apart from conventional base oils.

The advantages of synthetic base oils are thanks to the extreme cleanliness and consistency of the molecular structure achieved in the processing. Conventional base oils are typically only lightly refined, with not all of the inherent impurities (waxes, sulfur, etc.) removed from the petroleum. Instead of being simply refined, the crude for synthetic oil is engineered to produce a uniform molecular structure that offers superior lubrication. Finally, proprietary additives are introduced to make full synthetic oil even better.

Premium full synthetic motor oil costs more because synthetic oil costs more to make. The high quality synthetic base oils and state-of-the-art additives used are typically much more expensive than the materials used in standard lubricants. However, with lubricants you do get what you pay for, in that a well-formulated synthetic oil that uses high-quality, synthetic base oils and high-quality additives, provides additional benefits for the higher purchase price.

Keep these facts in mind when you take your car or truck in for its next scheduled oil change.


Better High-Temperature Performance. Premium synthetic engine oils are less volatile, so they maintain viscosity better than conventional oils and lower quality synthetic oils.

Better Low-Temperature Performance. The high-quality synthetic base oils used in premium synthetic lubricants provide better natural cold flow, so the oil flows and lubricates better before reaching full operating temperature.

Cleaner Operation. Because of the consistent molecular structure and purity of the base oil, premium synthetic engine oils are more stable, better resist oxidation (aging), and produce fewer deposits. In fact, some premium synthetic oils like Royal Purple actually remove existing engine deposits.

Better Mileage. Because of the superior cold flow, greater lubricity, and cleaner operation of the engine, premium synthetic engine oils can also contribute to greater fuel economy.

Fewer Oil Changes. Do you change your oil every 5,000km? Every 10,000km? Those are the most common intervals for cars and trucks in Australia. With Royal Purple full synthetic motor oil, feel free to change your oil every 20,000km, or 12 months (whichever comes first). That’s 16–50 fewer oil changes over the life of a car or truck that reaches 300,000km. 

Royal Purple is one of a few commonly available premium synthetic engine oils, so it provides the inherent advantages listed above, but Royal Purple synthetic oils go beyond that, as well. Because of the advanced, proprietary Synerlec® additive technology, Royal Purple synthetic oils containing Synerlec outperform any other lubricant, including other premium synthetic oils.

Synerlec additive technology increases the oil film strength to 3 – 4 times that of any oil of comparable viscosity. This reduces metal-to-metal contact, thereby greatly reducing short- and long-term wear, as well as damage that occurs at cold start. This incredible film strength along with increased oxidation resistance provides a higher level of protection even when traffic and conditions are at their most demanding.

So, there it is.

Premium synthetic motor oil is better for your engine, better for your mileage, and better for your investment. And Royal Purple premium synthetic oils further increase those benefits with proprietary additive technology. To keep your engine running smoothly for the long-term and to enjoy the convenience and savings of less-frequent oil changes, explore our site and find the Royal Purple motor oil right for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile or power equipment today!