No other line of SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS offers the same kind of energy savings, maintenance savings and improved productivity as Royal Purple. Our INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS consistently deliver a higher level of performance across a wider range of equipment.

The industrial and racing markets associate outstanding quality and superior performance with Royal Purple. This reputation has been earned through Royal Purple’s relentless pursuit of excellence in lubrication.

Royal Purple formulates the most advanced lubricants available on the market today. If you currently use Royal Purple’s products, you already know this. If you do not, they offer the opportunity to greatly improve the reliability and efficiency of your equipment and to lower your operating costs.

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Royal Purple Australia has over 30 years of experience in Australia providing the highest quality synthetic oils and industrial greases.

Contact us for an assessment of your needs and free quotation. Royal Purple Industrial products are available in a range of sizes, including drums and totes.

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