Are Royal Purple lubricants compatible with other motor oils?

Yes. Royal Purple lubricants are fully compatible with mineral or synthetic oils. No special procedures are necessary when switching to Royal Purple.

Can I put Royal Purple into my brand new car?

Yes. Royal Purple currently offers many viscosity grades of API-licensed motor oils. To allow for proper break-in of the engine, Royal Purple recommends waiting until the manufacturer’s first scheduled oil change or a minimum of 3,000 kms in new gasoline engines. Allow 10,000 to 20,000 kms before using Royal Purple in diesel engines.

How often should I change Royal Purple in my passenger car?

Royal Purple recommends following the manufacturer’s maintenance intervals while the vehicle is under factory warranty. In clean engines that are no longer under warranty, oil change intervals may be extended up to every 20,000 kms or annually, whichever comes first. Oil filter changes should be done as recommended by the filter’s manufacturer and oil should be topped off as needed.

In dirty engines, Royal Purple recommends the standard 5,000 to 10,000 km oil and filter change interval until the engine oiling system is clean and free of deposits left by lower quality oils and / or poor maintenance or mechanical problems. This will allow time to gradually remove existing deposits without overloading the oiling system. Mechanical problems such as fuel dilution, coolant leaks into the crankcase, poor air filtration and / or failure to maintain proper oil level are all detrimental factors to the service life of any engine oil. Any one of these factors can significantly shorten the useful service life of any oil.

Is a special oil filter required when using Royal Purple?

While no special oil filter is required, we do recommend upgrading to a high quality oil filter. A high quality filter will prevent contaminants from circulating through the system and causing damage.

Royal Purple now offers extended life oil filters. 

Where do I find Royal Purple products other than motor oil?

A number of retailers provide us with a listing of the products they regularly stock. You can find this information on our distributor locator page. Many of retailers will special order products that they don't regularly stock. Royal Purple Australia stocks the complete range of Royal Purple products and ships twice daily from our Sydney warehouse.

Can your motor oils be used in older engines?

Yes. Kilometres and/or age is not a factor when used in a mechanically sound engine. In high-kilometres applications, we do recommend running a minimum of two short (5,000Km) intervals before extending the oil drain intervals.

This will enable Royal Purple’s high solvency to remove existing deposits gradually; such deposits can restrict oil flow, if excessive, as well as reduce the oil service life significantly.

Will synthetic oil cause my engine to leak?

Properly formulated synthetic oils will generally not cause an engine oil leak. Synthetic oils possess a higher degree of natural solvency, which can clean and remove deposits left by previous oils. The removal of extensive oil deposits can expose marginal or damaged oil seals, which may then leak.

If an engine currently has excessive oil consumption (i.e. greater than 1 litre / 2,000 kms) the recommended course of action is to solve the oil consumption problem before switching to a synthetic.

Should I use an oil additive with Royal Purple?

No. We strongly recommend against using any oil additives as do most automotive manufacturers. Engine oils are formulated with a fine balance of additives (anti-foam, corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear, detergent / dispersants, oxidation inhibitors), and more is not necessarily better. The use of an oil additive could upset the balance resulting in reduced performance.

Is Royal Purple synthetic motor oil?

Yes. Royal Purple Motor Oils are composed of a proprietary formulation of synthetic base oils and synthetic additives containing iso-paraffinic diluents.

Does Royal Purple maintain its purple colour after it’s put into service?

No. The dye that’s used to colour the oil dissipates shortly after being put into service. The colour will turn brown at some point.

Why don’t Royal Purple product prices rise and fall with fuel prices?

First, a substantive factor in the cost of our lubricants is the cost of the proprietary additives we use. It’s these additives that give our products their performance advantages. The additives are in no way connected to the price of crude oil. Second, crude oil is used to make gasoline and mineral based lubricants. Our lubricants are formulated using synthetic base stock that is not a component of gasoline.

I can’t find my owner’s manual and don’t know what oils I need for my car. What oils do I need?

Please email us at sales@royalpurple.com.au with the make, model and year of your vehicle and or tech dept will assist you.

Do your motor oils contain zinc and phosphorous?

Yes. All Royal Purple engine oils contain the zinc/phosphorous compound zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP) and are suitable for both roller and flat tappet valve trains.

Can your oil be used with flat tappet cams?

Yes. For stock or mildly modified flat tappet valve trains (<.525” lift), we recommend our SAE 10W40 or 20W50 engine oils. In applications with flat tappet valve trains using high-lift cams and/or high RPM applications, we strongly recommend upgrading to our XPR line of engine oils as these have an even greater concentration of ZDDP providing excellent protection with the higher spring pressures. For a viscosity recommendation, please contact us.